A bit overdue, but (the bulk of) the work I did for my thesis was finally presented at this year’s IEEE ERK (Electrotechnical and Computer Science) conference at Portorož, Slovenia. I did my bachelor’s thesis on unsupervised image segmentation under prof. Matej Kristan of the Visual Cognitive Systems Laboratory at FRI. After improving our approach, we decided to present it at ERK. I was a bit nervous since this was my first oral presentation at a conference, but it went great and the discussion was helpful and interesting. You may find our paper:

A regularization-based approach for unsupervised image segmentation
Dimitriev Aleksandar, FRI, Uni Lj
Kristan Matej, FRI, Uni Lj

under the Pattern Recognition section. More details, as well as my other research, can be found at my research page.

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